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Are you here because…

you want to take your business to the next level?
Maybe you’ve grown your business as much as it can grow. Maybe you find yourself stuck in the day-to-day grind so much that you find yourself forgetting why you started your own business in the first place?
You might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  Maybe you’re making money but constantly feel behind: barely filling courses or selling offers, always a mad dash to the finish-line.
There’s a giant pile of stuff you know you need to deal with but you just never have the time.
You can never seem to get to the infrastructure, never have time to figure out the bigger picture.
You have no idea how to make the day-to-day process easier, so the pile keeps getting bigger.
But you have to stay focused on sales and delivery, otherwise your whole business could go down like a sinking ship.
You just don’t know how to fix it.
Online marketing consultant and web designer Kimberly Cooper

I get it.

Most of my clients are incredibly brilliant people who are amazing in their fields, but technology and online marketing is just not their happy place.
Wouldn’t you rather have someone build your amazing online system for you while you get to focus on what makes YOU happy?

I would love to help you.

What I offer is an online marketing package that is COMPLETELY customized to you and your business needs.


45-minute Online Class

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Hi! I'm Kimberly!

I LOVE technology! I’ve been playing on computers since I was 3-years-old.

I worked as a web developer and graphic designer for 16 years before heading out on my own and starting my own business.

I’m not just an expert at creating beautifully branded web and sales pages … I build quizzes and other lead-generating magnets that are proven to build mailing lists and increase email-marketing driven sales.

My true gift is in automation and systems building. These are the skills it takes to build easeful, smooth-running businesses that make money without effort.

Wanna learn next steps could take your online business to the next level?

What my clients say...

I've been working with Kimberly for years now, and my business has grown from a crisis-driven wiggly monster that kept me up nights into a well-oiled machine that creates abundant recurring revenue.
She created systems I never dreamed of needing, that ended up saving my butt on the regular. She showed up every time I needed her, smiling, creative, and loving working hard. I would dream of something. She would create it.

She is a visionary's best secret weapon. Together, we created a lead gen quiz system that continues to draw a thousand new qualified leads a month with very minimal outlay cost.

Mellissa SeamanIntuitive Business Mentor,

I needed a totally new look for my website and wanted to integrate e-commerce capabilities at the same time. Working with Kim was a pleasure.
I gave her a sense of what I was after and she came back with multiple options for me to consider. The end product was fantastic!

Kim is on it; she’s incredibly responsive, fun to work with and reasonable in her pricing. What more are you looking for?

Bill PasmoreCEO Pasmore Advisors,

I hired Kimberly to take my website into its next evolution. I was looking for someone with fabulous technical skills, but also someone who had marketing savvy, was kind and easy to work with, and had design skills that would up level my site to reflect me at this phase of my professional life. I couldn’t be happier!

At each step along the way, Kimberly has provided fantastic suggestions and pin-pointed ideas to bring about much-needed change. She also has a collaborative attitude, creating space for my ideas and then taking them to the next dimension.


Kimberly is very much about crafting a solution that is designed to my business needs and does not push a one size fits all, off the shelf solution. Actually, she doesn’t “push” anything. She solves problems.
Her work was done in a timely manner and was very professional. That said, she was fun to work with.

If you want a beautiful, usable and integrated solution to your business presence online that is hassle free, I would recommend Kimberly as your solution. She will make it happen.

John BulmanProfitability Thinking,

Let's Start This Party

Start spending your time doing the parts of your business you LOVE! No more drudgery! Let me help you design and build your most efficient, profitable, and EASEFUL online business.

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