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Now that you have brought in all new leads from your Quiz building and other lead generation tools, what do you do with them?

How do you turn them into paying clients/customers?

One answer is Email Marketing and it is one of the most effective marketing tools on the web right now.  Why is email marketing so effective?

Email is the first thing that people check each day. According to Optinmonster, 58% of people check their email before social media. In fact, businesses that use email marketing as a way to communicate with their audience make triple the amount of revenue as a business owner who does not.

In this email I’m going to talk about #1 how you can set up your own email marketing system and #2 some tips to make your email marketing more effective.

What you need to build an Email Marketing System:

#1 You need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool)
You cannot get the functionality you need to regularly communicate and manage thousands of contacts from a regular email program.  You need a tool that can run automated campaigns, segment your contacts, listen for behavior, and show you the valuable statistics on your emails so you can create a strategy.

Gmail will not do this!

There are tons of CRMs out there and if you have one that you are currently using and you like, please by all means stick with it.  If you’ve never used one before, I personally recommend ActiveCampaign (it’s what I use).  I like ActiveCampaign because it has a lot of functionality, it’s very reasonably priced, and I think it’s nice to work with.

#2 You need an offer
As part of your email marketing campaign  you want to provide several emails where you are communicating your expertise and providing value to your potential clients/customers.  But you aren’t pen pals.  What I mean is, every once in a while, you need to offer them something they can purchase from you: a service, a product, a course, a class, a retreat … anything.  This is how you convert your mailing list into money.

#3 You need to be consistent
Your goal with email marketing is to become what is called a “trusted source.”  You provide valuable information to your mailing list so they grow to LOVE when they see your emails in their inbox.  But this only happens with consistency.

People receive so much email nowadays that unless you are regularly communicating with your list your emails will either get lost in the shuffle, or not be enough to make an impact. Worse, if you only send sporadic emails and the content is always “buy this buy this” they are going to unsubscribe FAST.

So consistency is key.

Here are some quick tips to help you get your email marketing off the ground:

1.  Write your content in bulk.
Make it a goal to write 5-10 emails in one sitting.  That way you have LOTS of content that you can schedule to go out.  This can help you to achieve consistency without ruining your schedule.

2.  Don’t only send “Buy Now” emails
A good ratio to observe is that for every 1 offer email you send out, try to send 3 non-offer emails.  Not sure what to write about?  Write emails that share your amazing knowledge and expertise (without giving it away.)  Write about stuff you’re thinking about right now and see if you can tie it back to your business.

Also, if you’ve written a blog post, send an email letting people know about it!  Pop the first paragraph of the post in an email with a link to your site to read the rest!  Use email to generate some traffic and create some buzz around your online biz.

3.  All your emails don’t have to be long
Just sending a quick check in or sharing a cool quote can be awesome.  I love casual check in emails like, “Do you have a question about _____?  Write me back!”  They feel personal, they’re low pressure, and they’re low risk.  Every email does not have to be a novel.

And last, don’t forget to always have a call to action somewhere in your email:

  • A link to your website, quiz, or offer
  • A link to your online scheduler
  • even just an invitation to “reply to this email”

You’re not pen pals.  Your emails should all have a purpose, whether it’s to make sales, warm up leads, or just funnel some traffic.

So I know this is a lot, and maybe you love the sound of it but the actual doing it seems overwhelming.  I would love to help.


Hi I'm Kimberly and I've been working in online technology for almost 20 years. I love technology and I know it is also difficult for a lot of people. I started my business, to help the people who aren't technically savvy get the help they need to build their online business, grow their customer base, make more money, AND get to spend the time doing the aspects of the business that they LOVE.