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Where online technology has its edge in marketing is in its ability to automate the process.

What you want is a “machine” that brings you new leads that just show up in your inbox, on your calendar, or as new purchases, without you having to do anything.  No networking and no cold calls! Just hot leads being added to your mailing list without any effort.

That’s what automation is for!  And Quizzes are PERFECT as an automated marketing tool.

I first encountered online quizzes when I started working with Mellissa Seaman over 2 years ago.

She tells this story to her clients as well; One night about 5 years ago, very late, she decided to create an online quiz.  She just did it on a whim, not knowing what it would do or if it would help her business at all.

She shared it on Facebook, added it to her website, put it on her blog posts, and started sending it in the footers of her emails.


And now...5 years later…this one quiz brings in 20-75 new leads EVERY WEEK.

This one quiz has brought in THOUSANDS of high quality leads.  And what’s awesome is that it takes very little to maintain it and it is completely automated. Which means no day-to-day maintenance is needed to keep it going.  It just runs on its own!

It has showed me the power of this incredible marketing tool. And what continues to surprise me is how few people use this as part of their online marketing strategy.

So, what are the pieces necessary to have an automated online quiz of your very own?  Keep reading to find out the 4 core pieces.

#1. You need a Quiz Service

You can either use an online service (like Interact) or if you have a WordPress website you can use the Thrive Quiz Builder plugin.  Both have wizards that will walk you through setting up and building your quiz.

#2. You need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

When users take the quiz, they will be asked to fill out a form and provide their name and email.  Now that you have their email in your CRM, you can now send them emails over time.  You can’t do this using gmail.  You need a CRM that will keep track of these new contacts, monitor their activity, and automate the emailing process.

I recommend ActiveCampaign because I think they offer great functionality at a great price.  Plus, I like their tools and I find them easy to work with.  But there are many other CRMs out there (MailChimp, aWeber, ConvertKit, etc.) so you should find the one that you like and works the best for your unique business.

#3. You need emails

Okay, so you’ve now got a CRM and your getting new leads being added to your mailing list.  Now you need to write emails to send to them.  I recommend at least 5 emails that are automated to go out every few days.  The first one should introduce you and welcome them to your business. This is also a good time to tell them about your offerings and services.  Some of the emails should also be sharing valuable information with your new contacts.  If all you send your people are pushy sales and ads they will unsubscribe very fast.  You want to show them that you have amazing knowledge to share and you are a trusted source of information.

AND some of your emails should be offers and sales.  You want to send BOTH, valuable content and promotional offers.  And give them links in the emails to book a session, send an email, fill out a form, or make a purchase.  Make it easy for them to take advantage of what you have to offer.

#4. You have to SHARE it

Last, you have this amazing automated funnel! Now you have to let people know that it is there.  Post it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels!  Add it to the end of your blog posts.  Add it to the footer of your emails.  Mention it in emails, on podcasts, or just in passing.  LET PEOPLE KNOW YOU HAVE A QUIZ!  They can’t take it if they don’t know it’s there!

Those are the core pieces you need to build your very own automated online Lead Generating Quiz!

If you have any questions about quizzes or anything that I talked about here you can send me a quick email.

Or if  you love the idea of having a quiz but the idea of building it yourself sounds awful 🙂 just click here to schedule 20-minute tech chat with me.


Hi I'm Kimberly and I've been working in online technology for almost 20 years. I love technology and I know it is also difficult for a lot of people. I started my business, to help the people who aren't technically savvy get the help they need to build their online business, grow their customer base, make more money, AND get to spend the time doing the aspects of the business that they LOVE.